EFT and Emotion Wheel

Consider your emotional state as it relates to any given circumstance of your life, a painful interaction with someone, physical aches and pain, anything. Use the Wheel of Emotions to help you identify what you might be feeling. Rate the intensity to which you might be feeling the emotion you’ve identified from 1 to 10.

Emotion Wheel

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1. The Set-Up

Rub the tender spot that sits somewhere around an inch or two under either collar bone, or repeatedly tap the karate chop point which is the edge of the hand between the wrist and the bottom of the pinky. Repeat three times the following phrase, “I feel (insert your identified emotion), and I recognize or accept or validate myself completely and profoundly.” Or “I feel (insert your identified emotion), and I recognize or accept that I feel this way.”


2. The Basic Recipe

Part One
With both your index and middle finger together, tap each of the following spots seven times WHILE noticing the emotion you’ve identified. You could also say in your mind what the emotion is as you feel it.

  1. Between bridge of nose and starting point of eyebrow.
  2. Side of the eye.
  3. Bone directly beneath the eye.
  4. Between nose and upper lip.
  5. Between bottom lip and chin.
  6. Base of collar bone on either side.
    1. Stop here and notice if the intensity of the feeling has diminished.
    2. If so, repeat 1-5 as many times until the experience of the emotion is a zero.
    3. If not, follow through with the rest of the steps.

Part Two
While constantly tapping the back of the hand right behind the pinky and ring finger knuckles, do the following bilaterally stimulating movements.

  1. Look straight ahead.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Open your eyes.
  4. Keep your head still and look down hard right.
  5. Look straight ahead.
  6. Keep your head still and look down hard left.
  7. Look straight ahead.
  8. Roll your eyes in a circle clockwise twice.
  9. Roll your eyes in a circle counter-clockwise twice.
  10. Hum two seconds of any song.
  11. Count to five out loud.
  12. Hum two seconds of any song.

Part Three
Repeat Part One.


Rate the level of intensity of the identified emotion. Repeat as many rounds as desired until it feels like the emotion is resolved. Remember, these are emotional freedom techniques not suppression techniques. You are allowing your emotions to be as they are. For each repeated round on the same emotion that is diminishing, switch your set-up phrase like this: “Even though I feel REMAINING (insert diminishing emotion), I accept myself completely and profoundly.”

You may find that as one emotion diminishes, another may intensify. When you notice good feelings, identify them on the Wheel of Emotions, and still use the basic recipe while changing the set-up phrase to sound like this: “I feel (insert good feeling), and I accept myself completely and profoundly.”

Also, the basic recipe listed here is certainly comprehensive, but it doesn’t necessarily function like an actual recipe for making a complicated dish. Those recipes must be followed with greater precision than the recipe mentioned here. Don’t feel like you have to perform each step perfectly or precisely in order to manage your emotions. You may just perform the tapping in part one and see what you notice.