Eternal Warriors

For young men ages 12-17, Eternal Warriors is patterned after the powerful recovery principles taught in the Sons of Helaman program. However, it is designed for young men who don’t want to just wait around unprepared for the enemy to strike and wound them.

This group is driven to help youth prepare for their eternal roles in their future eternal families. This group is not only to help them rid themselves of any unwanted behaviors, but it will guide them in embracing and living according to the truth as revealed to them by the Holy Ghost!

Call or text (385) 335 5837 or email Marshall for class orientation and availability.


“Our 14-year-old daughter loves Marshall’s Girl Power class. After every class she talks about how funny he was. The class is helpful in so many ways, and teaches the girls important things about their worth and how to be kind, among other things. Thanks, Marshall!”

– N.S.


Girl Power Classes

Young women ages 12-18, come, bring a friend and enjoy learning from popular youth speaker and licensed therapist Marshall Lamm. The class is held on Mondays at 5pm in the classroom above the Maple Mountain Pharmacy (724 South 1600 West, Mapleton). The first class is free!

You will learn . . .

  • how to increase your self confidence

  • how to have more social confidence

  • how to set and actually achieve your goals

  • how to successfully manage feelings of

    • depression

    • anxiety

    • fear

    • anger

    • frustration

    • boredom

  • how to attain more freedom in your life

  • how to be happier

Call or text (385) 335 5837 or email Marshall for class orientation and availability.

“It helps so much to have support from other moms. I have really realized all moms struggle with feeling good enough, wanting to give up, and some days just wanting to cry. It’s so easy for me to feel alone in the day to day grind, yet I’m not alone. This class provides a safe place to open up and share what I’m struggling with and why I keep trying every day. It has also given me a lot of courage to hear that women struggle with the same things I do. As I hear how they overcome hard things. I am inspired by their strength. I gain courage to face my own hard times. Marshall has great empathy and has wonderful input and PowerPoints while he oversees the group. This class is another great tool to help me stay on track and feel good.”

– L.V.


Mom Class

This class is for moms, and meets above the Maple Mountain Pharmacy on Wednesday mornings at 10 o’clock. In this class, moms receive support, encouragement, and insight from each other and are led by licensed therapist Marshall Lamm, CMHC.

This class helps moms:

  • Eliminate feelings of “Mom Guilt.”
  • Improve their parenting skills.
  • Learn how to set realistic goals and actually keep them.
  • Learn the skills they need to help their kids avoid unwanted behaviors like pornography addiction.
  • Gain tools to recognize and soundly defeat forces of opposition in their homes.

Call or text (385) 335 5837 or email Marshall for class orientation and availability.

Marshall talks about the Sons of Helaman program and vision.

Sons of Helaman

Sons of Helaman, a program of Life Changing Services, is committed to helping young men and young adults conquer morality issues through its support counseling services. Sons of Helaman is a specialized self-mastery training system for young men who wish to overcome pornography and other sexual addictions. Graduates of Sons of Helaman are found to be exceptionally prepared for missions, temple marriage and life in general. This service has been diversified to serve teens, young adults and adults, both in-person as well as remotely via webinar. Sons of Helaman is primarily used for recovery, while Eternal Warriors trains for Prevention and self-mastery. For more information visit the Sons of Helaman website.

Men of Moroni

Men of Moroni, a program of Life Changing Services, provides a training class and support group for husbands and fathers as they work to battle sexual addictions.

We know that there is an adversary who has sworn to disrupt the “great plan of happiness” and attempts to do so by focusing his attacks on the family. In this war on the family, Satan delights in targeting its head, the husband and father, with deviously clever chemical attacks designed to bind him in chains of addiction to pornography and other sexual deviancy.

Sadly, we have seen too many husbands and fathers lose sight of their all-important role as leaders and examples in their families because they have fallen victim to these satanic attacks. We have also witnessed too many families being severely wounded or even “killed” when this happens.

The originators of the Sons of Helaman addiction recovery program have developed a training program designed to help men protect their families by teaching them important personal skills to defend against such attacks and train them to fulfill their foreordination as ETERNAL WARRIORS.

For more information visit Men of Moroni website.

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