“Marshall Lamm is a powerful, inspired, funny counselor, mentor, and coach. When I was just dreaming and wishing on becoming the person I desired to be, Marshall was right there cheering me on and I knew he was in my corner. He will pick you up, dust you off, get you to laugh and help you become the amazing person you desire in your heart! Seriously, if you want to reach your goal, Marshall Lamm will inspire you to greater heights than you ever imagined!!!”
Darylee Ishimatsu – Steps of Flight Mentoring

“I have known Marshall for about 10 years. Marshall was hands down my favorite seminary teacher. This guy is so personable and understanding of people and their needs. I was amazed at how well he could interact with each student 1 on 1 in such a large classroom. Peers from that class still talk about how awesome Marshall was. I can only imagine how great he is 1 on 1 without 30 people in the room.
I have gone through family counseling many times in my life. I can say I know counseling will help you in any situation. I also can say there isn’t a single soul I would recommend more than Marshall Lamm. My mother’s favorite saying is “you don’t always remember what they said, but you’ll remember how they made you feel”. Marshall makes you feel like the most important person in the universe each interaction you have with him. I would recommend him to anyone! He was and still is an inspiration in my life.”
M. – Mapleton

“I have to admit that when I first met him, I was doubtful that someone as young as Marshall would have much insight to share with me, given that I’m perhaps 20 years his senior. After one meeting, though, I decided it was worth giving him a try. I will be forever grateful that I did.
In his authentic, humorous, and tremendously empathetic way, Marshall taught me new ways to think about my problems – both in my personal life and with my family. He immediately gave me concrete things to practice, and the results were almost instantaneous.
I remain astonished at Marshall’s wisdom. I felt like I left every session with a new epiphany that deepened my faith and my sense of self-worth and hope. As I told Marshall, I am convinced that the work he is doing is his calling in life.”
M. – Mapleton

“Our 14-year-old daughter loves Marshall’s Girl Power class. After every class she talks about how funny he was. The class is helpful in so many ways, and teaches the girls important things about their worth and how to be kind, among other things. Thanks, Marshall!”
N. – Mapleton

“It helps so much to have support from other moms. I have really realized all moms struggle with feeling good enough, wanting to give up, and some days just wanting to cry. It’s so easy for me to feel alone in the day to day grind, yet I’m not alone. This class provides a safe place to open up and share what I’m struggling with and why I keep trying every day. It has also given me a lot of courage to hear that women struggle with the same things I do. As I hear how they overcome hard things. I am inspired by their strength. I gain courage to face my own hard times. Marshall has great empathy and has wonderful input and PowerPoints while he oversees the group. This class is another great tool to help me stay on track and feel good.”
L.V. – Mapleton